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Over the past few months I have been contributing my analytical articles in the form of blogs for Cricinfo. I have got permission to provide these articles in the site which I will do shortly. Until then please read the articles directly in the "It Figures" blog.

Y Anantha Narayanan.
April 1, 2009.

Scored the majority of runs: and then ???

When Shakib Al Hassan scored more than 50% of his team's total, and lost, my thoughts went back to a similar rear-guard masterpiece by Laxman at Sydney. I wondered whether it was possible that a number of such innings are in vain. Hence this article. A rare one, it covers both Tests and ODIs.

Y Anantha Narayanan.
April 20, 2008

Dismissed for less than 100: and the bloody aftermath

When India was dismissed in 20 overs on the first morning history was against India. I have done a special mining of the Database and brought to focus such matches across 120 years of Test cricket. This is not one of my special out-of-the-box ideas which gets developed, rather it is an attempt to create easy-to-understand tabular views of a rare event.

Y Anantha Narayanan.
April 10, 2008

Australia vs India - Test Series 2008: a review

How do Kumble's 20 wickets stack up against Lee's 24 wickets. How do Hayden's 410 runs compare with Tendulkar's imposing aggregate of 493 runs. These questions, amongst others, are answered in this analytical review of the recently concluded Test series played between Australia and India.

Y Anantha Narayanan.
February 5, 2008

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